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11 Social Media Tips for Marketing Your Law Firm

These days it seems like everyone participates in social media. The figures certainly confirm that in order to effectively get your message across, using social media is an absolute must. Doing so, however, can sometimes become overwhelming with all of the other tasks that you may have running your legal business.

So if you are responsible for participating in the social media duties and the online marketing as a formal part of your daily duties, we recommend the following 11 steps to help you manage your day to day social media responsibilities.

Social Media Marketing For Law Firms

1. Develop a social media strategy with a clear objective in mind - make sure you know who your target audience is. If you’re a niche legal firm, such as "Continuing Healthcare" for example, make sure you aim your social media at people writing and listening about "care homes" and "care home fees".

2. Make sure that all of your social media activities are in alignment with your strategic communications plan (marketing plan) and are consistently communicated across your entire range of media channels (radio, TV, web, mobile, face-to-face events).

3. Ensure that your social media schedule aligns with your internal communications and editorial calendar for all blogs, website updates, TV advertising and face-to-face engagements (networking and client meetings).

4. Select the right tools such as HootSuite to manage your social media posts and to measure their effectiveness.

5. Create a daily schedule for posting with weekly themes for maximum impact and develop a week’s worth of posts in advance for more efficiency. Obviously make sure you keep up to date with daily trends.

6. Assign posting responsibilities to your team (if you have one). Share the posting duties with all levels of the organization from office managers to the firm's solicitors to promote authenticity and to build organizational capability for developing your social content marketing and also a diverse personality for the business.

7. Document what content sources will be used for all social media posts such as:

• News
• Books
• Blog posts
• Videos
• Radio

8. Develop and use scripts and auto responses to all comments from your social media - it is all about engagement, that means responding and commenting!

9. Run weekly reports with online tools such as HootSuite to determine if your postings are increasing awareness of your brand and providing a return on your investment. Social media has an end result and that is to increase visibility and clients to your law firm.

10. Use these reports to point out which social media posts resonate with your target audience and adjust your posts so that you are sending the right messages. Make sure that you do not repeat yourself though!

11. Provide fact sheets, frequently asked questions (FAQs) and media resources to keep social media team members informed of what's happened and about to happen within your law firm.

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