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Contact South West Web Marketing SEO Myths You Should Leave Behind in 2016

Online Marketing Tips

SEO Myths You Should Ignore

Keeping up with the latest Search Engine Optimisation trends and rules for your Mature Dating site can feel like a full-time vocation. Just when you think you’ve got it all figured out, Google introduces a new algorithm and you’re back to square one again. So what trends should you look?

Do Many Inbound Links Give Better Online Visibility?

Not every incoming link to your dating website has a positive impact. Search engines are not really fans of spam referral links. When your website is consistently offering concise and useful information, quality referral links will happen organically as people begin to share and then re-share your content through the various Social Media. It is never a good idea to seek out spammers to drive false traffic to your website. And Google’s algorithms have become more and more intelligent and they can easily vet out sites who seek not-so-legitimate website traffic, and rank them lower.

The best way to build quality incoming links to your site is by creating meaningful business relationships with other influencers in your industry - outreach, referencing valuable articles or resources and by simply creating valuable content that people find beneficial through your own blog and articles. Don’t be afraid to reach out to reputable leaders and niches and ask them to share your content on their blogs, websites, and social media.

Is Keyword Repetition Important For SEO?

Although it’s important to identify which keywords you want to incorporate throughout your content, the days of keyword stuffing are officially over and have been for a while. In fact, Google will punish your dating website if it suspects that you have purposefully stuffed inaccurate or misleading keywords throughout your online content. The golden rule with keywords is to be sure you’re developing information for your readers, not for search engines.

The bottom line is too identify which keywords you’d like to associate with your dating brand and then strategically develop content that hits on these terms and topics. Don’t overuse certain keywords and do not awkwardly cram them into your content – this will negatively affect your visitors’ experience.

If You Have More Pages On Your Website Google Will Rank You Higher.

No. When it comes to the size of your website, bigger does not necessarily mean better. If your goal is to create numerous pages for your site in hope that it will get indexed more often, search engines have already figured you out and will not grant you the SEO points you were looking for. In an effort to prevent people from creating an unnecessary amount of pointless pages and subpages, search engines will not index every page on your site. Google will also remove superfluous pages from their existing index to prevent them from being crawled.

Additionally, if you’re concentrating on adding a large number of new pages to your dating site purely for SEO ranking purposes, you’re probably not dedicating enough time to your content strategy and ensuring that each page provides quality content that is important and relevant to your target audience.

By creating quality content consistently, visitors will find your website properly. Ultimately, there are no short cuts or quick fixes when it comes to executing a SEO strategy effectively. Remaining ‘in the know’ when it comes to algorithm updates and SEO guidelines is vital to the success of your business online.