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Contact South West Web Marketing The Top 10 Traffic Sources For Your Website

You already know how vital website traffic is to your website. We have said many times that traffic is a pain in the neck. Although you have read many tips and tricks to get the traffic, you still couldn’t figure out how to get it because you have no idea where the right sources are. Of course, if an online marketeer could figure out the best sources of this traffic, then it would not be that hard for him to find his website traffic.

Traffic can be varied, based on your site’s niche, geography and category. And with that, it is not easy to get traffic, especially when you have all these factors to consider. It is a great challenge for any website marketer manager to hunt down and gather their website traffic. It takes more than a simple knowledge in both business and marketing to get that traffic that your website needs. And with that, you need a list of the top 10 web traffic sources so that you could easily get the traffic that you want and need.

So if you still have no list of your top 10 traffic sources, then here’s a starter list for you to develop.

1.Social media sites – First and foremost, a good list should start with something possible and obvious. Social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google + are the places where most of the people who surf the web, hang out and stay. Invest in these sites to get a lot of traffic. But be careful, once you are on these sites, you must inform your viewers and not directly sell your brand.

2.Traffic Suppliers – Traffic suppliers or buying traffic are one of the fastest way to generate traffic. This will let you get the traffic that you need in days! These are great for promoting a certain page within a certain period since it drives traffic to your site with minimal effort. You just need to send the URL, target category and country to your provider and Presto! – Traffic for your site. You don’t need to have a big budget in running a traffic campaign, just be sure to know the right traffic provider for quality and value.

3.Offline Advertising Sources – Ah you didn’t expect this in your top 10 traffic sources? Offline advertising is one of the proven (for its longest existence - historical data) source of traffic. With your basic business cards, word of mouth, and even a great that great experience your possible viewers had in your online advocacy talk, your website could be getting more traffic than you are expecting with this gold nugget.

4.Guest Blogging – Guest blogging is like sharing your blessings to others. By volunteering to write for other websites, you are not only building up your reputation, but you are also educating other traffic as well. Submitting blog contents to other websites is a win-win situation for both you and your “partner” websites.

5.Answer Sites – Yahoo Answers is just one of the best answer sites available on the internet. This is a great “ego boost” for your website as well. Just pick out questions that fall under your niche, answer them as accurately as possible, give great resources, build your reputation and include your domain link as well. If things get well, then rest assured you’ll be getting the ample traffic.

6.Forums and Threads – Who says traffic can’t be from forums? Because forums offer a more “specific” environment, this is considered as one of the best traffic sources available. Just join any niche related forum, contribute, and build your existence and wait till your traffic analytics boost in traffic.

7.Infographics – Infographics are images which inform, entertain and advertise at the same time. Creating an infographic may take a lot of talent and time, but once it goes viral, you’ll have the best wave of traffic ever.

8.Reddit – When you want traffic attention, then the best website you can use is the “front page of the whole internet”. Reddit offers more than anything and anything under the sun. Just gather upvotes from redditors, follow their rules and regulations in posting, and you will as many traffic as you can have.

9.Blogging – Since you’ve got yourself into guest blogging, why not create your own blog as well. This is because blogging is an extensive part of your website and because blogs are included in the next item as well.

10.Search Engines (SEO) – Search engines can still be considered as the best source of traffic. Because SEO’s effects are kind of “permanent”, their lifespan is almost unmatched compared to other forms of “ad”

These are my top 10 traffic sources! Where are yours?

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