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Contact South West Web Marketing How Do I Market My Bed And Breakfast Online?

Because your customers are online 80% of reservations are researched online and in the US over half of all reservations are made online. This year in the UK over 21 million people are expected to book part or all of their holidays online. And these already impressive numbers are only going to keep rising. The bottom line is that you need to have an online presence that stands out and you need to do a really good job of marketing your bed and breakfast on the web.

The solution does not lie in delegating the task to someone or some company who says they know the internet. In fact, that path is frequently fraught with danger and cost. You need to understand and take control of your online marketing (SEO) so that you are in a position to understand what services you need, what they should cost and to judge the quality of the results. Only when you understand the power, potential and nature of business on the internet, the online customer (who is such a demanding, sophisticated and empowered consumer) and online marketing, can you ask the right questions and wisely invest your budgets for maximum return.

Marketing your B&B online consists of many things all of which are defined in an online marketing strategy. Creating a website is a starting point. But creating a website is not like creating a brochure. There are good websites and (so many more) bad ones. Your website needs to differentiate your B&B from others and the customer will judge your hotel by the quality of the experience they have on your website. Going to your website is like walking through the main entrance. They sample your hotel online before they decide to book. The online customer will leave if they don’t like your service, have a poor experience or dislike what they have sampled. And they will leave with a simple click of the mouse and visit your competitors. This happens time and time again.

Once you have a well designed, content-rich and customer-centric website, you need to be sure that it can be found by people online. There’s no point in a website that has no visitors. Attracting visitors to come to your site, to return to your site over and over again is the second part of your online marketing strategy. There are a number of strategies that can be employed to do this and they include search engine marketing, online advertising campaigns, e-mail marketing, affiliate marketing, employing online PR and publications, and signing up with travel portals.
The ultimate objective of your marketing efforts is to get people to make a booking. After you have worked so hard to get people to visit your site, then it follows that the final action (or ‘conversion’) of their visit would be to make a booking. Indeed when a customer decides that they will stay with you they expect to be able to book right there and then. The online consumer does not want to make (sometimes expensive long distance) calls (in working hours) to a reservation desk or B&B front desk.

Let us help you -

Build an understanding of all the potential of the Internet and of online business
Fully appreciate the available online resources
Use online marketing tools and techniques to increase global awareness of your Bed and Breakfast property
Bring more customers to your B&B business
Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your marketing investments
Define and execute the internet strategy that best fits your hotel

Online Marketing Strategy
Online marketing vs. traditional marketing
Components of an online marketing strategy
Your Hotel / B&B Website
Definition of a great hotel website
Choosing a web site developer (getting ready)
10 point checklist for selecting a developer
How to work with your developer — who does what, what to expect, what to demand
Planning your Bed and Breakfast website (laying foundations)
Developing your B&B website (the meaty bits)
Developing a site for your customer — customer-centric, service- centric
Hotel websites checklist – what you must have, how you can differentiate yourself
Compelling content (writing for your online audience, images to die for)
Example websites — raves, faves and rages
Stickiness — what is it, why does it matter and how do you make your site “sticky”

Search Engine Marketing
Why is it important, what are search engines, what do they do, how do they operate?
Rules for developing a site that is search engine friendly that increases your rankings in search engines
Keywords and MetaTags – What are they and how do you determine the most important for you?
Learn about pay-per-click and how maximise effectiveness within a fixed budget.

Linking Strategies
Increase and improve the quantity and quality of external websites that link to pages on your site in order to enhance your site’s visibility within search engines.
Explanation, rules and illustrated examples of link popularity and link relevancy

E-mail Marketing
Effective ways of using e-mail
Integrating e-mail marketing on your website and in your offline marketing
How to conduct an e-mail campaign respecting web etiquette guidelines and spam laws
Creating effective e-mail messages
Examples of e-mail campaigns that stand out from the crowd — raves, faves, and rages
E-mail lists — how to create them, manage and cleanse them, when to buy/lease one and what to look for.

Online Advertising
7 essentials for creating effective banner ads
Creating an online advertising campaign
Critical look at examples of banner and online advertising campaigns
Travel site portals, Aggregators and Online Newsgroups
International portals – Expedia, Travelocity, Hotels.com, others
Newsgroups, Online publications, Mobile marketing – how can they be used effectively for tourism operations

Partnering and Affiliate programs
How to use them

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