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Content Marketing Tips

Content marketing is about creating and distributing high-quality, relevant, and engaging content that attracts and encourages visitors to your Bed and Breakfast Marketing website. Potential visitors are much more immune to traditional advertising now – so smart content that doesn't scream that it's selling something is a great way to inform and build a better relationship with potential users.

How To Tackle Content Marketing

There are three main ways you can publish online content: on your company's own site; on third party website as guest blogs and articles; and finally, on higher authority publications. All offer your business something different. Content published on your own site will boost your SEO efforts, making your site easier to find on search engines. Third party blogs will also yield good search results, as they help you to amass backlinks that will further boost your search engine ranking.

Where you'll find the real impact though, is the way third party content builds your personal and business brand through what's known in the industry as "thought leadership". This is when you're recognised as an authority figure in your field, and your expertise is often sought and rewarded highly. So it's not just numbers that content marketing elevates – it does the same for your reputation too.

What Is Onsite Content?

So what is the SEO value of good content? Well, what you have on your own site is invaluable. We often hear that quality is more important than quantity, but for your content to succeed you need to focus on both. Thanks to their incredibly complex algorithms, search engines can think almost like humans. So they'll be able to sort through content and discard any that doesn't have any substance or relevance.

That's where your on-site content comes in. If you regularly add to the content on your site, perhaps by writing a blog, you'll see your search engine position improve. This is due to a number of factors including the increase in keywords, the backlinks gained from people sharing your content and the rise in engagement with your website. Search engines may be increasingly hard to win the approval of, but with a solid content strategy for your site you can climb up the results page.

What is Third Party Content?

What about third party content? This is where those all-important backlinks really work for you. Make sure that you've got a link back to your site to strengthen the connection between the great content you're creating for other sites and your own. This should ideally be a landing page that's related to what's being discussed in the blog. That will have a great impact on your SEO value, providing your site with yet more authority in your field.

You should factor in the websites that your backlinks are coming from too. The higher a website's authority, the more valuable a backlink from them will be. So target those sites for your third party content. Use backlink checkers such as Majestic and Monitor Backlinks to see which sites have the highest ranking numbers.

Make Sure You Use All The Online Platforms

So when it comes to creating and posting your content online, you should be creating some for each of these three platforms. Let your expertise and knowledge of your field shine through in your content and tackle relevant topics in an in-depth way.

Don't be afraid to exploit your knowledge – this will build trust in your brand. The more great content you post, the more your reputation and perceived expertise will grow. And it goes without saying that it will greatly benefit your SEO efforts too. You need to be consistent in posting content to create that all-important brand awareness. The more aggressive you are in doing so, the quicker you'll build that awareness.

Using Social Media For Content Marketing

Boosting your content on social media is a good way of generating more interest too. Paid promotions on sites like Twitter and Facebook open up a huge audience for your content, and allow you to attract the attention of those who may not typically visit your site. With Facebook, you can promote your content to very specific audiences, based on age, gender, location and interests. The average Brit has four social media accounts and spends one hour and twenty minutes a day browsing those networks. It makes sense then, to focus a large proportion of your efforts on promoting your content there.

How To Give Your Online Business A Boost

Online marketing is all about driving up sales and improving brand recognition; and producing content is a really natural and organic way of doing this. It doesn't come across as pushy and potential customers will be much more likely to engage with it. Consistently rolling out new content across your own and third party sites will help to improve your search results and build your brand. Do it well and you will see interest in your products and services soar.