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Contact South West Web Marketing Identify Your Keywords For Your Online Dating Site

Keywords for White and Private Label Dating Sites

Keywords for Online Dating Websites

Keywords are called key for a reason. Just like the correct words are essential for returning the right content for your searches, keywords in social media marketing help place your content in front of the right audience, therefore increasing visibility for your white label dating site.

Keywords are the words that describe or categorize your dating business, or the subject matter of content such as casual dating. Identifying your dating brand's keywords can help your content reach a bigger audience by making your content easier to find. This is especially useful for niche dating products or services. Just like keywords affect your organic search, using the right words in your social media posts will help put that content in the newsfeeds of your target audience.

Because keywords are search functions they:

Put your content in front of the right eyes. People looking up words related to online dating content, specific niches or descriptions will be more likely to find your posts and pages.
Can help you create content. Once you've decided on your main keywords finding related keywords can inspire new content.
Help in search rankings. Social media content now gets ranked by search engines, therefore using keywords in your content can help raise visibility for your brand in organic search.
Start by identifying 5-10 keywords associated with your dating business or the content you're producing. Think about what your content is about and what words people may be using to search for it. What do you want the visitor to do?

Identifying your dating keywords will:

Help in hashtag development. Use your keywords as hashtags to get your content to the right audience. (What is a #hashtag?)
Help in creating messaging for posts. Now that you have your keyword in mind, build your messaging around it.
Find new trends or topics of interest in your dating niche (What is Niche Dating?). Your main keywords will lead to secondary keywords - and those may provide insight into a growing topic in your industry. Creating content pertaining to this new topic can put your post or brand in front of brand new eyes.
When looking for information on search engines, the better the words you use for search the better the results you get back. Just like the right keywords are important to finding relevant information, keywords in social media help your audience connect to content the same way.

Tools like Topsy.com, SEMRush.com or Google Trends can help you in your keyword research. You should also use each network's native search to research your keywords and observe how your target audience is using them, as well as what secondary terms can be associated with the main word (for example messaging using #onlinedating may be paired with #privatelabeldating).

Remember to include these keywords in your social media biography/info/about sections too!