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Contact South West Web Marketing How To Use Social Media For White Label Online Dating Sites

What Social Media to Use for White and Private Label Online Dating Sites?

Social Media For Online Dating Websites

Marketing for the White Label Dating and Business to Business sector (B2B) is no easy task. And more often than not for companies involved in the online dating industries, time is scarce and producing enough quality content to engage existing and prospective clients and customers has always been a challenge, but social media allows us to deliver ‘bite-size’ information quickly and affordably.

Social media is also a great way of indirectly promoting your disabled dating site and services without having to bombard the audience with details about every single part or component that you produce. In the following article we will introduce the four major social networks (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+) used in B2B and Online Dating promotion and provide some suggestions as to how you can adopt them into your marketing strategy.

Using Twitter for Promoting Your White Label Dating Site

Twitter is essentially a micro-blogging platform. The aim is to connect with your audience in just 140 letters. In many ways this makes Twitter a brilliant social network for dating businesses needing to convey a message in as simple terms as quickly as possible, but whilst it’s a time efficient option, the character limit undoubtedly influences what you talk about. So to maximise this space, you could share links to your website or to other online content with greater detail.

Inserting an image to your post will also up those valuable characters, but can make your ‘tweet’ stand out in the constantly updating feed on Twitter. There are around 255 million users on Twitter and supposedly 63% of the marketers who responded to Content Marketing Institute’s ‘B2B Content Marketing’ survey are operating an account on the social network. This gives you an idea of the number of users who are open to following B2B news on Twitter.

Besides your existing clientele, you can follow prospects and industry leaders whose posts might be of interest to you and your white label business. Your audience potential grows dramatically, when you remember that as well as your direct followers, their followers can also see what you’re posting on Twitter.

You can use social tools like ‘Wefollow’ and ‘Follwerwonk’ to find your new audience quickly using the search terms important to your business. These terms locate other users based on topical interests and also the industry they operate in in relation to you.

Another great feature of Twitter is that it allows you to form dialogue with your direct followers and anybody using the site. You can use hashtags to emphasise words and create relevant topics to base a conversation around. Adding hashtags will extend your post reach beyond direct followers and increase the number of people tuning into your messages. Dating Factory uses Twitter to communicate with our clients existing and future, we answer any questions they ask and also monitor what their business is up to so that we can share their news and updates. Beyond our customers, we also start open conversations by asking questions about our followers experience in the dating industry or post about developments in business that might affect them. We also share links to the news stories on our website and use Twitter as a platform to launch offers and rewards.

Twitter can be used in a huge variety of ways and having amassed the fourth largest user base of any social network; its popularity and time efficiency make it a most useful platform to have in your online marketing tool-kit. Remember success on Twitter is about providing easily digestible messages that a network beyond your immediate followers will also find pertinent.

Facebook for Online Dating

Facebook is generally assumed a better social network for the B2C market and more readily associated with businesses building a relationship with their customers online. Facebook has 1.4 billion users and whilst many private label dating businesses have a profile page set up, they simply aren’t utilising their presence on Facebook by using it in the relaxed way that it’s intended for. It’s important to remember that
Facebook is a personal and therefore non-professional network. Business leaders and Entrepreneurs are looking to differentiate between the two on Facebook so aren’t broadly searching for business opportunities on this network, that doesn’t mean that you can’t talk about your business, but the conservation needs to be appropriate – Facebook isn’t the right environment for the hard-sell or a big push to get new prospects to sign. Instead you should be thinking about befriending rather than selling. Show the social efforts your company makes to assist the dating community.

Dating factory uses its Facebook profile to share our more informal and sometimes fun news and our audience on this network tends to be the friends and family of the company, with some interested clients too. Facebook is where we introduce this audience maybe to our ‘employee of the month’, show where the business is going, our awards or raise awareness for the charities we support. Promoting the ‘fun’ things we also do, alongside our business responsibilities, allows us to put a friendly face to the company and helps to build familiarity with our audience on Facebook.

You should think about uploading photos from staff training day's or fundraising events on your Facebook profile. Keep the news you share on here relaxed but still informative, anything that shows your business’s ethical values gives your followers a more in depth perspective on how you choose to function.

Should I Have A LinkedIn Profile For My Dating Business?

LinkedIn is the number one social network for professionals and with 91% of B2B marketers already utilising its benefits, it’s definitely a platform that your business should be signed up to. LinkedIn is often thought of a being a recruitment tool (with personal profiles acting as a CV) and whilst it does offer the potential to find impressive candidates, its scope for businesses goes far beyond that.

You should start by encouraging your management, marketing and sales teams to sign-up; making sure that your business is listed on their profiles. Essentially this gives your business a face, with your staff being ambassadors to your brand. From here, you should be joining and engaging in industry-related groups (and there are many for Online Dating) to keep up to date with the trends interesting and influencing your clients. You can participate in thoughtful discussion and share relevant content with your audience in the Pulse feature on LinkedIn. Pulse is designed as a community space where you can post insightful information to attract comments and start conversations with your business peers.
Being active in online discussions is a means to increasing your brand visibility and also allows you to demonstrate you knowledge and expertise in the industry, with the posts you share and by answering community questions.

LinkedIn is also ideal for making introductions. You can look at your contacts and see who they’re connected to. They too might be a prospect interested in the services you offer. For Dating Factory, LinkedIn is a great way of building our business reputation and credibility through the news we post and the people and groups we connect with.

Google+ For Dating Sites

Google+ may not have received quite as much endorsement as other social media platforms, but it in no way lags behind and is still in the top 5 social networking sites. Google+ is an important platform for growing your business’s visibility and being linked to Google’s search capabilities enhances the opportunity of people finding your profile in their results. It’s important then, to ensure that your profile description includes the words and phrases relevant to your business. Google+ works on a mutual influence model - As people follow you it helps to build their rankings and as they share your content their extended network will also come in to contact with your business, in turn build your ranking. So the more you share on Google+, the more authority you’ll build. Engagement is also key to Google+ and you should look to connect with influencers on the site, to direct traffic back to your profile. You can also join and invite users into communities or ‘circles’, a great tool for organising your followers into niche groups so that you can be sure the topical content you share with these circles is relevant to each individual group. Finding active groups will bring a better return as members are more likely to share your content.

Google+ behaves a bit like a hybrid of Facebook and LinkedIn, so the content you post should reflect professional values but still be entertaining and informative. You can still share industry-specific or promotional information, but make sure it interesting enough to attract a following. As with Google, sharing videos and images is a sure way to increase your search rankings on Google+.

Dating Factory uses Google+ to connect with our customers and share their products and services. We’ve created several circles to help monitor different aspects of the industry and we follow influencers who discuss subjects that we feel are also important to our clients, so that this information trickles down to them too.

Google+ is a great social network for gaining industry insight, forming relationships and starting discussions.

Social media is proven to increase your brand awareness, customer retention, loyalty and engagement and should be a critical part of your marketing regime for gaining greater lead generation, website traffic and customer acquisition. So, now that we’ve explained the basics go and sign up today and start carving your position as a thought leader in the white label dating industry.

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