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Contact South West Web Marketing How to use adult keywords and achieve higher search ranking in online dating and white label dating sites

Ranking higher in search engine results (organically) is achieved through the use of keywords. Owners of adult and online dating websites will verify the fact that keywords make or break the popularity of these types of websites.

Online Marketing and SEO for Online Dating and White Label Businesses

Ranking higher in search engine results (organically) is achieved through the use of keywords. Owners of adult and casual dating sites will verify the fact that keywords make or break the popularity of these types of websites. Keywords which are related to the adult industry and are generic in nature, often produce poor results on a large scale. There are countless adult websites such as pornography, online businesses for sex toys, online dating and others for videos and other adult-oriented content.

How do I market my adult online dating business?

In order to set yourself apart from this crowded market, you must first keyword optimize your adult site to bring in more traffic.

Website traffic is at the center of search engine ranking results. The more unique visitors that you achieve per day, the more likely you are to see a jump in your website ranking. This means that you must have great content and this content must be unique. If you sell a particular product, it can become difficult to consistently produce great content for each of your webpages and all content that you have must contain keywords. But, and to add insult to injury, you must also avoid Google's thin content penalty and make sure you write enough good, keyword rich content per page and per article.

What is keyword stuffing?

Keyword stuffing is usually performed by small fledgling SEO firms, or the guy next door who once mentioned he was a search engine specialist. These are either lazy, or untalented individuals who prey upon adult industry businesses which need help fast.

However, if you choose a service which utilizes keyword stuffing, you are asking for trouble. Google implements penalties for websites which use this tactic too often and they will drop your website down in the rankings if you are not careful. This often requires a long process to rectify the issue to get back into good standing with the search engine. Google places a value on quality over quantity, and you should too. So you see there is a fine line between writing enough content and too much or too little.

If you own a specialized dating website (or niche dating site) within the adult or dating industry, then you can capitalize on niche keywords to rank much higher in your search results.

A good example is the online dating business. Dating businesses rely on keywords to drive more traffic to the websites. These keywords allow visitors to become customers, thus driving up search ranking for the website owner and in many cases earning a good revenue stream through affiliate marketing for dating.

Certain keywords evoke a tremendous response from search engines in regard to dating sites, as these are popular websites to visit. But the traffic is spread amongst a lot of your competitors so you really need to be quite specific.

Competition analysis is another way to establish keywords for adult websites. In fact, sometimes controversial keywords or topics become important players in driving up website ranking. Adult websites are always a hot topic, especially since online dating and the more niche and adult subjects have become prevalent in recent years. Taboo subjects and their associated keywords have a profound effect on how quickly a website flourishes. And when you analyze the high ranking competition, you will start to see a pattern of keywords. Using keywords, or variations of them, can help you to move up the ranks as well.