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Contact South West Web Marketing How to Get Free Web Traffic for Your Website

The Best Way To Get Free Natural And Organic Traffic..

How to Get Free Web Traffic for Your Website

Every online and mature dating website owner wants to drive as much free traffic to their website as possible. There are plenty of ways of doing this, whilst avoiding expensive advertising costs. But be prepared – it does require consistency and time and more importantly, patience to be effective.

Top Free SEO Tips

Optimise your website for your target keywords to improve your natural rankings in search engine results. Use your target keywords in the page title and page content on your website. Choose your keywords carefully, make sure your content reads well and avoid keyword stuffing - it will get noticed! Think about semantic and voice search. Instead of saying "online dating" think about using a question or statement. "What Is Online Dating" or "The Best Online Dating" - stand out.

How to Keep Your Online Content Fresh

Frequently update and create fresh content for your dating site to improve your rankings (SERPs) with the search engines. Writing articles for article sites is not as effective as it once was, it is more worthwhile creating as much unique and relevant content for your own website and blog, than it is for others.

Create a link building strategy – approach companies that are relevant to you and ask them to exchange links with you. You can also submit your website to high quality online directories, some will require reciprocal links whilst others will be happy to simply add your website. Avoid link farming as this will have a negative effect on your ranking.

Google Loves Local Websites

Claim your local listing on the search engines. Start with Google making sure that you include all the relevant information (description, opening hours, website, photos etc.). Don't forget Bing - and Yahoo.

Keywords for Online Dating

Always use your important keywords within the anchor text of your links – wherever you are placing them. Social Bookmarking sites can drive huge amounts of referral traffic to your website. In particular Tumblr and StumbleUpon have been doing really well in recent months.

Social Media for Online Dating

Set up a Facebook Page for your business. Create interesting updates with content that your audience will value.
Create a personal LinkedIn profile for your own professional network as well as a company page. Use groups and answers to contribute to discussions and post content - do not be afraid to get involved in chats about your business.

All of the above will raise awareness of you and your company. Include links to all of your social networking pages and profiles wherever you can, to inform and remind your audience that they exist. For any content that you post online, make sure readers can easily share it across all social networks.

Tweeting For Online Dating Sites

Set up a company twitter account and start following and networking with other relevant accounts. Let your personality shine through and don’t bombard your followers with self-promotion. Instead share things of interest with them and occasionally promote your products and services.

Start a company blog and look to post at least once a week. Blogging sites are ranked highly by the search engines and create an additional channel through which you can be found.

Is Guest Blogging Still A Good Idea?

Yes.. Look for opportunities to write guest posts on other online and dating blogs, making sure they are relevant to your business and your content will add value to their readers’ experience.

Participate in forums that are relevant to you and/or your dating business. Include links to the relevant sites in your signatures so that they are displayed in your posts. This will increase backlinks and exposure for your website.

All of these methods will drive traffic to your website, but they will require time and dedication. You will need to prioritise in the first instance, which are the most relevant for your company and industry and try to allocate some time each day or week to work on them.

By starting with small weekly targets or goals (i.e. list yourself on 5 online directories per week; post 3 updates to your Facebook page each week; write two blog posts each week) you are more likely to maintain momentum and develop your marketing activity rather than becoming overwhelmed and giving up. Of course, if you’re in a hurry and want to implement all of the above immediately, but don’t have the time or resource available, you could always ask a 3rd party to help.