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Contact South West Web Marketing How To Choose Your Dating Keywords For Your Online Dating Profile.

Now that you have started the online dating journey, does your online dating profile contain the right dating keywords? If it doesn't, you're going to find that your future dating life is going to be a lot more like your job hunt: great skills and good experience, but no one's is looking in your general direction.

Let's be honest, those of us a "certain age" remember the 'personal ads' in the back of the local newspaper. And unless your profile said, "Do you like Porsches?" you just weren't going to get a response. Or if you did, you got from it what you expected - not a lot!

What Online Dating Site Is Best For Me?

In this day and age where more and more people are turning to these online dating sites such as Match.com, Casual.uk, EHarmoney.com and many others, it is very important to stand out from the herd. You can no longer just say 'fun-loving,' 'smart,' 'wealthy singles,' or 'successful.' Like all interactions, you have to display how good you are by using the correct online dating keywords.

Are you 'funny' or 'humorous?' 'Good-looking' or do you 'take care of yourself?' Do you 'like to have a good time?' Or are you someone who is 'looking for great friends to experience life to its fullest?' In each instance, one of these words or phrases might mean a less mature individual while the other words or phrases would suggest a more mature individual and future date.

How to Choose the Right Dating Keywords

The right dating keywords may make the difference between getting stuck on a date with a crazy, heavy drinker with a penchant for chain smoking, out clubbing all night while wearing the £1000 shoes that her ex-boyfriend bought for her, and finding that woman who is looking for an outgoing, funny, smart, successful man who can sweep her off her feet and share with him the life that she has built by herself.

So, how do you choose the right dating keywords for your online dating profile? First, take a look at the women you really want to meet. What are their keywords? Are they writing to meet more mature, successful men? Or are they using pictures first and words second? The right dating keywords are a great indication of the education of the dating member and the time taken to write a really good online dating profile. Someone who has completely filled out the entire questionnaire is a serious person about looking for the right person to date. You should be the same.

If there is one thing that I have learned from the online dating industry, is that women are horrified by what is written by men in their profiles. Whether it's bad grammar or bad spelling, some of the profiles that I have seen make me question why I am still single. Like being at a good party, write your dating profile as if you are meeting someone in person.

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