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Bespoke Dating Sites V White Label Dating Sites

How To Build An Online Dating Site

Creating, building and running a successful dating site and dating app can be tremendously rewarding. It can be great fun, it can be stimulating and it can be a major financial success. Everything depends on going about it the right way. And as we explain below there are a number of options available to you from starting from scratch and building up our own site all by yourself, or by adopting one of the various types of support/partnership mechanisms available. The guys at Dating Factory have summarized the positives and negatives of each approach – then after that it's up to you!

Do it yourself (DIY) dating site

First of all we’ve made a quick check list on what you need to do if you want to develop an online dating site by yourself. Please don't get put off by the length of the list – yes, there is a lot to do – and there are issues that you will need to overcome to make your new dating site successful – but there are also ways that you can side-step some problems and tasks or use alternatives until you think you are ready to totally go it alone.

Setting up your first online dating website

Check-list of important things to consider:

First you need a great idea and then find your niche dating idea such as wheelchair dating for example
Build your dating site business plan
Assess the investment necessary and translate this into an initial and monthly budget
Ensure your site is sufficiently ‘feature-rich’ to attract members in this increasingly competitive business
Produce budgets on hardware and hosting needed for your dating site
Identify an software outsourcing company for programming requirements
Decide your launch date
Get Merchant accounts set up (if possible)
Have an effective plan on how to deal with online fraud
Develop good content to convert your customers
Ensure good internal marketing
Develop good external marketing plans (how are you going to attract your members?)
Prepare detailed financial forecasts to see how long it will take you to make a profit
Have clear estimates and budgets for marketing activities
Understand how long it will take you to reach the necessary critical mass of members
Develop your own initial pricing platform for your site
Plan carefully how you intend to launch your site
Learn how to focus on targeted traffic
Learn how to deal with chargeback’s
Create a plan for an effective affiliate program and related marketing strategy
Look at what Social Media you will need to be part of

How much does it cost to start an online dating website? Things you will need to consider would be -

Merchant account percentages
Chargeback fines
Home or office costs
Marketing and SEO
Accountants and solicitors fees
Tax and VAT

Online dating solutions
So setting up a site from scratch, without a lot of online experience and financial resources can be very difficult. If you do become successful and create a large database of members, the financial rewards from creating your own site can be great, but the risks are high, with a level of initial cash outlay on hardware, software, and staffing that is unacceptable for many people. However do not despair there are other ways to get started on running a very successful online dating business which do not demand quite such a high initial spend, or indeed quite such an expansive knowledge of the ins and outs of creating an internet based business. We’ve summarized the three ways of getting started in the dating business, with our opinion on the pluses and minuses of each.

The three alternatives are:
Dating software/scripts
Template systems
Dating services

Dating software and online dating scripts
In our view the least attractive of the three are dating scripts which vary in complexity and price from free for a very basic system, to £000’s of pounds for a more advanced package.

One of the primary requirements for this kind of dating system is that you must have a good solid programming background in order to set up and maintain the software. The alternative is to pay the script supplier to do this, but this is usually at fairly high ‘consulting’ rates. Many of these scripts are bought initially in a basic form and you buy add-ons in order to add additional and different features to your web sites. Once again these ‘add-ons’ are often expensive, as is the charge for installing them.

Very few dating scripts come with a database; the ones that do are fairly unique and include members that are taken from other sites (that have often been used and over used before). If there is no database then you will have to run the site for free until you reach a critical mass. Only then can you start selling memberships. You usually find that dating sites that have been established using ‘scripts’ have a very low conversion rate due to a small database and limited site functionality.

It is also unlikely that the owner of one of these new scripts will be able to get their own merchant account and would have to rely heavily on third party payment system, or independent systems like PayPal, which are often very expensive. Most dating scripts do not support recurring payments, therefore revenue earned is normally on a once-only payment, per profile, per signup or per email basis. Loss of revenue without recurring payments reduces the annual revenue for the owner by as much as 10 times.

Fraud systems are never built into dating scripts and they are often targets for scammers; controlling these is difficult unless new subscriptions are hand checked. This does require a degree of experience and merchants require that your fraud level remains generally below 2.5%.

Dating templates
The second option available for the creation of a dating site with outside support uses the concept of Template Systems.

Companies that provide this service offer template sites, free of charge, with a limited degree of variation per template, (slightly different design, different colours etc), all of which are fairly basic in design, although some do include mobile and text services, as well as chat services. There is normally a shared database on offer, but this is seldom of a significant size. Similarly payment systems are based around third party merchant accounts that are expensive and cannot offer recurring payments. If you work with a template system provider, you will receive a share of revenue, but normally only on initial payments, or on a per profile or email basis. Scammers are known to take advantage of many Template systems based on their limited anti-fraud processes and payment methodologies. The combination of a limited selection of template designs, a small database, restricted payment options, and a high volume of scammers, means that retention and conversion rates are often poor. However earnings and potential profits are normally better with a Template provider than a Dating Scripts company.

Dating services from white label dating providers
By far the best choice of the three types of external providers of dating sites, are those companies that offer a full dating service. By this we mean companies that provide a complete range of dating sites (customisable dating templates, co-branded sites, white label sites, and portal links) with a wide range of site features. The good dating service companies have a substantial shared database of members, superior payment methodologies, good anti-fraud systems, and a fair way of sharing revenue, which ensures the active site owner will make an extremely good income.

As an example of these companies that offers the most functionality with the best financial rewards is www.DatingFactory.com. Its unprecedented speed of set-up, a shared database of over 3.5 million members, a full range of merchant accounts, the best anti-scam practices, and the widest range of functionalities on offer.

Dating Factory is recognised as a world leader with unique filtering systems that support creative niche markets, offers outstanding retention and conversion rates, and some of the best revenue sharing models.

The best white label dating sites
Clearly the best solution for any start-up online dating organisation or indeed any organisation that sees a natural portal link from its existing sites to a dating site would be via a dating service organisation. With little or no financial outlay, a new site can be up and running within 24 hours, and making money immediately. Dating scripts and standalone Template providers are outmoded ways of dating-site development, and suffer accordingly. The financial investment and knowledge necessary to create a standalone site will normally put off all but the most enthusiastic and bravest investor, but money can be made this way, although risks are high.