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Contact South West Web Marketing How to Blog for Your Law and Legal Firm

Blogging for your Law Firm is possibly one of the strongest ways to build online authority for your online marketing strategy

Below are just a few of the reasons that blogging is absolutely essential for any law firm that wants to get search engine or social media traffic.

Having a website blog shows visitors and future prospects that you are authoritative on your subject matter - the law. Years ago companies made blogs and threw up short little weak posts, but these days you need to take your blog more seriously and add content at least once a week for Google to take notice.

Search engine optimization (SEO) just will not work without fresh content. Your blog is the perfect place to add new content broken down into categories and having a great blog will drive masses of long tail keyword searching visitors to your legal website. So for example - your niche legal firm deals with "NHS funding for care homes" - this would be the long tail expression for "CHC" or "continuing healthcare".

You will also get more backlinks by having the blog. Having lots of content on a blog gives people a real reason to want to link to you. Part of the most important Google ranking "machine" looks at the quality and quantity of these back links.

You can connect your blog to your social media platforms either automatically or manually. And by sharing your blog and social media content on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google +, you will be significantly improving your social media strategy. After all your web content is the heart of any social media content marketing strategy.

When you do a press release for your law or legal firm you can make a shorter version of the release as a blog post to entice the reader. That way after the search engines dropped the post in terms of visibility the blog will provide the Evergreen version. Just make sure that you write unique content when making a live version of a press release.

Customer comments and engagement are significant part of modern search engine algorithms. So having people comment on your blog will help you in the search engines with full user generated content and by sending a strong social signal.

Having a blog allows you to share your content not only on your own social networks but with other influencers. When they see your real blog they are more likely to want to share your content. The sharing and liking of your content will help your search engine rankings and traffic in general.

Blogging is just too essential to ignore as a strategy for solicitors, legal and law firms moving forward. Just make sure that your blog is on yoursite.com/blog and not on yourfirm.blogspot.com etc. It is also a good idea to do a second blog as well on a separate URL for one specific or niche practice area - for example law firm/niche continuing healthcare funding.

By creating an entirely new blog website based around one topic you can generate an amazing amount of interest which will be highly shareable (sticky) because it is not connected to the general marketing of your firm. If you have the resources you can create several of these additional separate URL blogs for each of your key experts and niches. Having links from each of these sites back to your main website gives you additional links as well.

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