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Contact South West Web Marketing Drone Photography For Roof Damage And Surveys

Aerial And Drone Photography

Using Drone Photography For Roof Surveys

Over the last few years, there has been a increase in popularity and the widespread use of UAVs or drones. Besides them being used for artistic photography, tourism estate agents, perhaps one of the most obvious applications for them has been in the field of aerial surveys and roof inspections especially after a storm or bad weather.

Aerial or drone photography roof surveys are most commonly required by roofing professionals and builders in domestic situations, though also by architects, property developers, insurance companies and more.

The advances in technology now mean that a high resolution (4K) camera drone can essentially record the details of a roof in as much close up detail as the human eye could capture, so there is increasingly less need for roofers to be physically present on the rooftop during the roof inspection phase.

Drone Photography Over Scaffolding

Sometimes a rooftop needs inspecting just as part of routine maintenance, but most often it’s because an issue has already been identified, such as a leak for example. In these situations, time is of the essence and by using a 4K drone, you can bypass the need for ladders, scaffolding, access towers, and aerial lifts. In doing so, you significantly reduce the time it takes to inspect and then repair any damage, and in turn the cost to your customer.

Drone Cameras Reduce Danger

By their very nature roof inspections carry a degree of risk, but by using drones instead of human workers, you can minimise the danger and circumvent a lot of healthy and safety requirements that would traditionally be needed. Drones also allow for the easy inspection of blocked access areas, or those that would be difficult or impossible to reach on foot.

Drones provide a simple way to record before and after shots of your workmanship, and their GPS functionality allows for precision shots to be taken from the exact same aerial position. Additionally, images can be captured which show off your workmanship from angles and elevations that would be impossible to achieve with hand-held cameras.

Rapid, Multiple Location Inspections

Inspecting multiple sites usually requires numerous setups in order to access the rooftops and is as such extremely inefficient. With a drone roof inspection, many rooftops can be assessed in a short amount of time, without the need to erect means of access at each location. A drone can record and inspect several rooftops in the time it would traditionally take to inspect just one.

Less Disruption And Cost

By using a drone, we can record the roof as you work, without any disruption. Additionally, access to your customer’s property remains unaffected due to the lack of ladders etc. needed.

So, as you can see there are so many benefits of a drone roof survey, and once you have seen one in action on site, it’s hard to imagine conducting a traditional inspection again.