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Aerial Photography For Estate Agents

Drone Photography For Tourism

With the rapid increase of online property websites such as Zoopla - house buyers are now faced with a huge amount of properties to peruse. This increased competition can make it hard for your property and Estate Agency to stand out amongst all the others online. And it can be difficult to find a way to peak their interest and encourage them to enquire further or book an appointment view the property.

One way that you can make your property stand out from all the others is by using aerial photography for estate agents and videography to give a birds-eye view of the house and surroundings. A 4k aerial video or selection of photographs taken from the air gives potential buyers a clearer understanding of your property and it’s place in the world than they could get from ground based shots.

Video tours give a personal, intimate feel, which helps people to visualise themselves at the property and see how themselves and their family would fit in.

Here are 5 tips for Drone Photography For Estate Agents

Display your house from every conceivable angle.

A 4k drone video can show more in a few seconds than you could in 20 photographs. The aerial views allow for a 360 degree display of the property, along with the gardens, driveway, garages, outbuildings or whatever else is for sale. Viewers get a sense of how the whole property is “pulled together” – for example where the garage is positioned in relation to the house, or how large the garden is – which can be difficult to determine from photographs alone.

To the casual online user, the houses can start to “blend into one” after a while as they look through listing after listing, trying to find their dream home. Having a 4k video on your property listing makes it automatically different from all of the others, which can be enough to peak a potential buyer’s interest enough to send in that all important enquiry.

Show the landscape and location of the property.

If you had to choose between showing photographs of the interior of the house on a property website, or the surrounding countryside, you would almost certainly choose the interior. Drone videography allows you to keep the detailed interior photographs without compromising on giving people the full experience of what it is like to live at the house.

If one of the selling points of a property is that it is set in idyllic countryside, surrounded by farm-life, you should absolutely make sure that everyone who views the property listing online can fully experience the natural beauty all around.

Demonstrate the quality of the property exterior.

Having a video that shows every part of the property exterior allows potential buyers to see the quality and care that you have put into the upkeep of the building and grounds. A well-kept garden in full bloom gives a brilliant first impression, as does experiencing a full view of the property on a sunny day.

Allowing people to see the care you have spent on the exterior gives them the feeling that the interior will have been just as loved, making them more eager to visit the property in person.

Market the property on different online platforms.

Once you have a video of your property, it opens up a whole new world of potential for online marketing. You can upload the video to YouTube (the world’s second largest search engine, after Google), Vimeo, Facebook and more.

This increase in digital exposure potentially puts your property in front of a much wide audience than by marketing purely on an estate agent’s website, and property sites such as RightMove.