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Contact South West Web Marketing 6 Top Mobile Marketing Tips For Your Small Business

What is Mobile Marketing? As its name suggests, mobile marketing is a form of marketing that involves the use of mobile phones to communicate the value of a product or service to the target audience.

Mobile Marketing Tips

Nine out of 10 adults in the UK has a mobile phone — and more than half of those devices are smartphones. So the question isn’t whether you should adopt a mobile marketing strategy; it’s what are you doing to reach people who live and die by their mobile devices?

Here are six tips for connecting with these customers and prospects.

1. Set specific goals. Your mobile marketing objectives should, of course, be closely tied to your business’s overall marketing plan, with some key adjustments. The most effective goals include:

  • Sell more of your product or service
  • Build awareness of your brand
  • Drive traffic to your website or bricks-and-mortar location
  • Promote a special offer
  • Offer customer support
  • Determining which of these objectives is most important will give your mobile marketing efforts focus and purpose.
2. Provide a mobile app. Build a mobile app for your business that enables customers to access your offerings in an easy, convenient way. “The best apps are both functional and engaging,” writes Fiona Rom on EmergingStars.com, an online platform that brings aspiring and inspiring entrepreneurs together. “And you could consider offering a free version of your app and allowing users to invest in a premium version with more features and content.”

3. Reward mobile customers. Give customers an incentive to use your app (see #2). Start a rewards program or provide a discount coupon that recognizes people’s use of the app. Done right, this also boosts awareness of your brand and encourages people to keep checking in for future offers.

4. Adapt your messages. Flashy and colorful HTML-based emails may work well on a computer screen, but not so much on an iPhone display. No one wants to wait around for images to load — in fact, many users opt not to download them as a default setting.

To reach mobile users, focus on crafting the most concise messages possible. Every email must be snappy and contain a compelling call to action. “The job of nearly every sentence in your email is to get the recipient to read the following sentence,” notes Igor Faletski, CEO of Mobify. “Move your customers from sentence to sentence and you’ll have a conversion faster.”

5. Optimize your landing pages. Faletski points to Microsoft data that shows “70 percent of PC search tasks are completed in a week, while 70 percent of mobile search tasks are done in one hour.” This suggests that mobile users want information that helps them make decisions on the spot. So, your website’s landing pages should be optimized for mobile users with readily accessible information and clear calls to action that help convert prospects into buyers at the point of sale.

6. Give customers an easy opt-out option. Mobile users may not want to receive any messages from you, or they may choose to opt out over time. Either way, offer a simple code they can text to unsubscribe. Anything that requires a lot of effort on their part will cause them to associate your business with a bad mobile experience, which may harm future opportunities for business.

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