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Contact South West Web Marketing 5 Ways to Improve Your SEO Copywriting

Online Marketing And Keyword Top Tips..

Content Writing SEO Tips

Search engine optimization (SEO) is quite a daunting topic: Because it’s always in motion, you really never reach a point where you know everything there is to know about it and that can be intimidating. Just when you think you’re a SEO guru, you realize how much you still have to discover and how little you actually know.

That’s not to say that there are not some tried and tested principles for you to market your Lose Weight Quickly business, though. This is especially true of SEO and copywriting. The words you use to develop your online content are crucial to SEO success - every bit as crucial as, page layout and navigation and there are some reliable methods for making your SEO copy even stronger.

Don't Write Content for the Search Engines

This is basic, but so important and in so many cases, so easily overlooked. You’ve got to break out of the habit that you are writing for Google. You are to some degree, but what Google wants is for you to develop your content that is actionable and interesting to human readers - the people actually searching for your online dating site. That’s the audience to aim for. As you write, ask yourself how you can answer questions and offer solutions to the people who might be seeking your business on the web.

What Is Key Word Stuffing?

How many times should you use a long-tail keyword or phrase in each piece of your dating content? Two? Five? Ten? Three percent of the total word density? To be honest, if you’re getting caught up in these questions, it probably means you’re squeezing keywords into places they don’t belong and trying too hard. Having a keyword or two to guide your content development is helpful, and including a keyword in titles and meta descriptions is always good, but beyond that, the best advice is to just be organic and natural.

How to Use Rich Media and Video

Sharpen your words and enhance the impact of your web copy by adding in some rich content - embedded videos, GIFs, and above all else some strong imagery. High-quality, relevant images can make the professionalism of your writing stand out all the more.

How to Write Good Headlines

Your headline creates the first impression your future dating members will have of your online content, and in many ways the headline is what determines whether your content even gets read at all. It’s arguably the most important component in your online copywriting, so don’t rush through it.

What Is A Meta Description?

The Meta description is a 150 characters or so snippet that’s displayed in Google search queries and is an invaluable piece of online content, and a free way to significantly boost your online traction. Make sure to use the full character count to provide a robust summary of your content; try including a keyword and a call to action (CTA) if you can.

Author - Shaun Richings is a Digital Marketing and SEO Consultant with nearly 20 years experience across multi niches. For more information take a look at my LinkedIn profile or contact me on 07957 214474.