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Contact South West Web Marketing How Tourism Businesses Engage With Customers

In recent years the travel business, especially Hotels in Cornwall - has changed with lightning speed thanks, in part, to the advent of social media and digital marketing for tourism. So it’s no wonder that many travel industry business owners and brand marketers still feel uncertain about marketing and aren’t sure if all the buzz about engaging clients in the online world will really work to help them grow in the real world.

Here are 10 ways to stay on top of travel industry online marketing trends:

1. Be Social With Your Tourism Business. Now that nearly everyone is surfing the net for “consumer purposes” — especially for information related to travel and tourism — the future of your travel business depends on being connected through all or most of the social media.

2. Watch Your Brand And Online Reputation. Today your strong strong online presence is almost as important as your solid product or tourism offering. The savvy consumers now research every purchase before they buy. With a few quick clicks, potential clients can compare how your travel business measures up against your competitors.

3. Do Not Play At Social Media. Social media has changed the whole landscape of the travel industry — travel, tourism, hotel, resort, hospitality, destination marketing businesses, and everything in between. If you want to generate leads and build a digital community where your travel business is sought out as an authority don’t dabble. Get serious and focused.

Consider hiring an experienced travel marketing business to jumpstart your efforts.

4. Embrace Online Marketing Technology. Would you cling to using a mimeograph machine or typewriter in your office? No, of course not. If you aren’t embracing online technologies that millions of people around the globe turn to for help making decisions, you are dooming your travel business to extinction. Learn to use the latest technologies or hire people to help you. For example think about your digital imagery. Aerial and Drone Photography for tourism is a great way of your future guests seeing your property or attraction.

5. Make Sure You Update Your Tourism Site. Those Gen X and Gen Y kids are now working adults. And because they’ve grown up in a digital world, they are extremely technologically sophisticated. They expect the businesses they patronize to be the same way. If the information they seek isn’t easily accessible and updated in real time, you’ve likely lost their business.

6. Target Wisely. Don’t assume you know the travel experience different consumers seek. Engage in dialogue with your existing clients and potential leads online and then reflect on the resulting information to really gleen what it is people want to know. Social listening and monitoring trends will give you insights for future marketing strategies. You may be surprised to learn that seniors are outpacing younger people as the fastest growing segment among social networkers in recent years.

7. Remember The Global Economy. We hear daily on the news about the dire economy in leading nations around the world. However, we need to be mindful that we now live in a global economy and that includes the emerging middle classes in countries such as India, China, and many African nations. If you think broadly and long-term, middle class travelers around the world should be generating business for years to come.

8. Embrace Change. Just about the only thing travel industry leaders can count on these days is constant change. It pays to be aware of trends, world events, and emerging markets, as well as the best ways to reach potential clients in today’s ever-changing digital landscape.

9. Start Now. The time to revisit your social media strategy – or get to work on developing one – is today. Travel, tourism, and hospitality business that want to keep up with the times and stay ahead of their competitors need to maximize their investment in social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, and Pinterest to name a few) and content marketing.

10. Don't Dabble Be Serious With Social Media. Anyone can create an account on a social network and post there from time to time, but dabbling doesn’t generate business leads the way seriously working digital mediums can drive customers to your online sites and assets.

Become a content marketing pro. To be truly effective online, businesses must invest in quality content writing. Google and other search engines recognize the difference between poor writing and high-quality content on websites.